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Recycled Wooden Floor Vase | Porch Vase | Wood Vase | Solid Wood Vase

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Colonial Maple
Dark Walnut
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Made from recycled wood this is upcycling at its finest! Our new durable Wooden Floor Vase is a simple and durable design meant to add class to your plants and flowers. The iirntree Wooden Floor Vase comes in multiple stains to match your home decor. You're bound to get tons of compliments after placing it in your own home or office, it's also a cute and practical gift for a lover or loved one!



Default Dimension:
Length (Width): 9.7-inches
Depth: 9.7-inches
Height (thickness): 20-inches
Volume is Approximately 26~ Cubic Liters
Default Wood Stain: Unfinished

How much weight can a Wooden Floor Vase hold?

The vase is not tested to hold a specific amount of weight, however, they are built extremely sturdy.

Is the Wooden Floor Vase made from solid or composite wood?

The Wooden Floor Vases are made from solid western white pine wood and assembled with butt joints.

Are their nails on the exterior of the Wooden Floor Vase?

Yes, there are nails on the exterior of the Wooden Floor Vase that is visible and not covered unless specified in the order.

What is the unfinished option?

The unfinished option is a Wooden Floor Vase that is not stained and not refined like our other stain options. This means that there could be wood filler not sanded done all the way, glue residue, and less sanding than a regularly stained Wooden Floor Vase. This option is meant for you to finish off the waste-bin how you wish for it to be finished off or just keep it natural.

Thank you for coming this far in the description, we really appreciate that you took the time to read the details of this item! Message us if you have any further questions not answered!

Damaged Orders:

We will replace your damaged order upon receiving pictures of the outer box, inner box, and pictures of the damage of your order within 21 days from the time of delivery. After 21 days, we cannot make a claim with UPS, Canada Post or USPS and it is under our discretion to replace your order.

Note: These photographs are all from customers, and provide a portrayal of what will be manufactured for you upon your order. Because this is a customer picture, colors may not be accurate. Every piece of wood that we use will be unique, so it is expected that the knots, the wood grain, and the way the wood absorbed the stain will vary from each piece.

The stain palette we have made is using the exact type of wood your order will be made from. We have done our best to display the color as accurately as possible. However, because the colors you see will depend on your monitor and various other factors, we cannot guarantee that your display of any color will be accurate.

At the family, we are dedicated to providing you with only the best quality work delivered right to your front door. Our experienced craftsmen and women always inspect each order prior to shipping to ensure they meet our high standards of quality and stability.

We value and understand your time is important, which is why at iirntree, we do not rest until your order to ready to go. We are a new but constantly improving business proud to hold a 5-star rating from our online stores Amazon, eBay, and Etsy respectively. If there is ever any issue with your order, we make sure to inform you as soon as possible as well as making ourselves readily available to answer your questions or concerns.

In the years to come, we hope to continue our rapid expansion, introducing newer and even better projects along the way. We welcome you to the store and hope to make your experience a pleasant one every step of the way.

Let's create the tailored furniture of your dreams!