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Rustic Wood Industrial Pipe Shelf

$63.90 - $147.00
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Colonial Maple
Dark Walnut
Early American
English Chestnut
Golden Oak
Ipswich Pine
Puritan Pine
Pickled Oak
Red Chestnut
Special Walnut
Classic Gray
Red Mahogany
Red Oak
Sedona Red

Our beautiful and rustic pipe shelves are built to last and are as strong as can be. These shelves are the perfect companion to our Industrial Pipe Bench to help make your home extra cozy. The shelves are made of strong top quality wood, making them completely sturdy and functional for your needs.

Included in this order is one shelf with all the attachments to install it to the wall.

You can select any of the available wood stains and pipe shades.

*****Each shelf is made to 1.5" thick and can also be made thinner if preferred.*****

Default Dimension:
Length: Please select from drop-down menu (Please contact us for custom lenths)
Depth: Please select from drop-down menu (Please contact us for custom depths)
Pipe Colour: Oil Ribbed Bronze
Wood Stain: Please select from drop-down menu
One shelf per order