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Wood Floating Shelf | Rustic Wooden Shelves

$110.50 - $503.26
Usually ships in 2-6 weeks.
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Colonial Maple
Dark Walnut
Early American
English Chestnut
Golden Oak
Ipswich Pine
Pickled Oak
Puritan Pine
Red Chestnut
Special Walnut
Classic Gray

This exquisite wood floating shelf is skillfully handmade from premium wood, ensuring exceptional quality and durability. The natural beauty and unique grain pattern of the wood make each shelf a one-of-a-kind piece that will elevate any room's aesthetic. The sleek design and clean lines give this shelf a modern and minimalist look, allowing it to complement a wide variety of decor styles seamlessly. Its floating design creates a striking visual effect that makes the shelf appear as if it is effortlessly suspended in mid-air.

One thing that sets our products apart is the finish: an eco-friendly, non-toxic stain that's low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This stain not only brings out the natural beauty of the wood but also respects the health of our planet and its inhabitants.

Our handmade wooden shelves are installed using a durable metal bracket system, guaranteeing their strength and stability. With each bracket offering robust support per stud, you can trust in the reliable performance of our shelves. Crafted with love and passion, our floating shelves are a testament to our dedication and artistry.

Default Dimensions:

Available Length (Width): Please select from the dropdown box OR MAKE A REQUEST

Depth: 25 cm (10-inches) OR MAKE A REQUEST

Height (thickness): 10 cm (4 inches) OR MAKE A REQUEST

Default Wood Stain: Early American


How many shelves do I get in the order and what is included?

This order comes with one shelf. Each shelf will come with mounting brackets, screws, and instructions. 

What are the standard dimensions of the shelf and can it be customized?

The length is chosen in the dropdown box on the listing. Dimensions can be customized in half increments only. If you do not see a size listed, please purchase the next highest available and then add a note in the order to cut the shelf shorter.

The depth of this listing is 5 to 16 inches deep, and it can go down to 4 inches deep. Please just write a note in the order form.

The height is a standard size of 4 inches, this is the lowest we can go. We can also make the height 2 inches free of charge, and larger than 4 for an additional fee.

Please Note: We are not liable if you forget to add a note in your order.

What wood do we use for the floating shelves?

We use Pine!

Do shelves depth come in different sizes, smaller or deeper?

Yes, they do!

How much weight can the shelf hold?

The shelves are not tested to hold a specific amount of weight. If mounted correctly into as many studs as possible this is an extremely sturdy shelf and can easily support heavy items.

Are the shelves solid or hollow?

The shelves are hollow, assembled like a box with butt joints.

Are their nails on the exterior of the shelf?

Yes, there are nails on the exterior of the shelf that are visible and not covered unless specified in the order.

What is the unfinished option?

The unfinished option is a shelf that is not stained, and not refined like our other shelves. This means that there could be wood filler not sanded done all the way, glue residue, and less sanding than a regularly stained shelf. This option is meant for you to finish off the shelf how you wish for it to be finished off.

Damaged Orders:

We will replace your damaged order upon receiving pictures of the outer box, inner box, and pictures of the damage of your order within 14 days from the time of delivery. After 14 days, we cannot make a claim with UPS and it is under our discretion to replace your order.

At the family, we are dedicated to providing you with only the best quality work delivered right to your front door. Our experienced craftsmen and women always inspect each order prior to shipping to ensure they meet our high standards of quality and stability.

We value and understand your time is important, which is why at iirntree, we do not rest until your order is ready to ship. We are a new but constantly improving business proud to hold a 5-star rating from our online stores Amazon, eBay, and Etsy respectively. If there is ever any issue with your order, we make sure to inform you as soon as possible as well as making ourselves readily available to answer your questions or concerns.

In the years to come, we hope to continue our rapid expansion, introducing newer and even better projects along the way. We welcome you to the store and hope to make your experience a pleasant one every step of the way.

Let's create the tailored furniture of your dreams!

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