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Welcome to iirntree
We design handcrafted furniture made from locally sourced wood to create top quality furniture for your home. Browse our selection of bar accessories, benches, garden decor, kitchen accessories, and shelves to find the next addition to your home.
iirntree is your source for rustic handcrafted floating shelves. All of our floating shelves are handcrafted with quality craftsmanship to ensure you receive a quality product. At iirn tree we delight in making quality rustic wooden shelves that will be beautiful today, and last for years to come. Our staff are committed to making quality handmade furniture that you will love. Each shelf is initialled by the designer who handcrafted the shelf just for you.
Our floating shelves come standard 10 inches deep, but we accept custom requests for different depth of floating shelves. We are a small company of passionate people that are committed to ourselves in ensuring your handmade furniture needs are met. Our shelves can be as small as under two feet and as large as 8 feet long!
We have designed rustic yet elegant industrial pipe furniture. Our industrial pipe bookshelf is a creative solution to your storage needs. You can display your shoe collection with style with our industrial pipe shelf, or try your own design with the easy to thread and install piping to store and display your own combination of shoes or books! Create your own unique library with our industrial pipe bookshelf. Our shelves aren’t just shelves, they’re works art!
Our industrial pipe shelving unit works perfectly for organizing a space in a way that is both durable and beautiful. Our industrial pipe shelving unit will be stained to the shade of your choosing so that your rustic decor fits right in to your home.  Our industrial pipe shelving unit is also available as a shelving unit with a desk for turning any corner of your home into a unique workspace that fosters creativity.
Need help making your house feel more like a home? Our floating wood shelves are just the new addition you’re looking for to give your house that homey rustic look. Display your art and plants on iirrntree’s floating wooden shelves. In a word full of mass produced products, we provide the opportunity to furnish your home with unique handcrafted quality wood shelves. 
Are you looking to make a new closet? Don’t settle for anything less than our rustic floating  wood shelves. We make our shelves by the order, which means we are ready to meet whatever unique shelving needs you may have.
Looking for a little extra space in the kitchen? What about displaying your beloved succulents? Our floating shelves are the perfect solution. Ever wonder how our floating shelves float? Our floating shelf design eliminates an outer mounting bracket by creating a mounting system that fits inside of the shelf to give that magical look and the element of “wait… how does that work?!”.
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